‘Crying’ giraffe trapped in poacher’s snare with wire cutting into its neck

A film crew were left horrified after discovering a "crying" giraffe that had a poacher's wire cutting into its neck.

The incident was shared on Facebook by TV presenter Pai Shin-I, of Taiwan's EBC News, during a visit to Kenya in Africa.

Pai said they had never seen a giraffe cry until that day, adding: "This giraffe stood in front of our car and we could see tears flowing from its eyes.

"We were puzzled until we looked closely and saw that the giraffe's neck was entangled in a broken steel cable. I believe that the giraffe was asking us for help."

The presenter explained that poachers often try to trap giraffes by tying wire snares in the trees.

When a giraffe approaches to eat the leaves, its neck gets snarled in the wire and they often suffocate to death.

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Giraffes are unable to cry as they do not have tear ducts, but many people have claimed to have seen them with tears.

Pai told Asia Wire: "I went to Kenya with my production team to film a documentary on lion conservation when our safari vehicle was stopped by a wounded and crying giraffe.

"I am a TV presenter and producer and the programme I am working on is called 'Orphans of the Earth'. I want the whole world to know what's happening to giraffes.

"They are hunted for bushmeat and are almost becoming extinct due to poaching.

"We reported the incident to rangers straight way. However, when they went to find the giraffe, it had gone.

"Now they are still trying to find it so they can send a vet to treat it."

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As of yet, film crew members and rangers have yet to find the injured giraffe.

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