Czechs seal off some towns to prevent coronavirus spread

PRAGUE (Reuters) – Czech authorities sealed off an area in the east of the country on Monday morning to prevent the coronavirus from spreading, the mayor of a town in the region said.

Earlier on Monday, the government tightened restrictions to combat the outbreak, banning people from moving around except for work, shopping and some other limited activities until March 24.

“Unicov together with Cervenka, Litovel and all local affiliates were closed off as of 3:00 a.m. by the order of the regional public health office. The reason is to prevent the Covid-19 disease from spreading,” Unicov mayor Radek Vincour said on the town’s website.

CTK news agency reported that there were 25 cases of the coronavirus in the area as of Sunday evening. The area is home to around 24,000 inhabitants.

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