Dad body-slammed woman after telling her ‘this isn’t worst that’s coming to you’

A father who viciously body slammed a woman to the ground has been spared an immediate custodial sentence.

Brian Mitchinson reportedly tackled her to the the floor as she was exiting a shop and proceeded to kick her and stamp on her chest.

The 30-year-old, who said the woman was "constantly harassing him", reportedly threatened that "this isn't the worst that's coming to you today," Liverpool Echo reports.

Amanda York, prosecuting at Liverpool Crown Court, said the unnamed victim said the pair had been in a "casual relationship for about three weeks".

The woman also said that she had a drug debt of £640 which she was paying in monthly instalments.

At around 9.50am she said she was leaving her local shop when she saw Mitchinson on a bike.

Ms York reportedly shouted at the woman as she retreated back inside the store for safety.

When she decided to walk home again, Ms York said the woman "didn't see the point in running" and Mitchinson suddenly threw her to the ground and "smashed her head on the floor".

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She said: "She doesn't remember if she was knocked out.

"He kicked her a number of times and she had significant pain in her hip."

Ms York said Mitchinson also "stamped on her chest" during the attack.

Mitchinson said: "I want my money you fat s***, this isn't the worst that's coming to you today."

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Christopher Bivon, defending, said the man denied the pair were in a "casual relationship" and said the woman was living in an upstairs at the time.

Mr Bivon said Mitchinson had previously made a complaint about the unnamed woman that "she had set her dog on him".

He said: "For a period of time she was harassing him."

Mr Bivon said Mitchinson had "seen the red mist" during the attack and is "appalled by his behaviour".

Mr Bivon said as a result he has taken a "number of steps backwards" in terms of having contact with his young daughter.

He said if Mitchinson was taken into custody there "won't be anything that will help him longer term".

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Mitchinson, of Swan Avenue, St Helens, admitted one count of assault causing actual bodily harm on August 19.

District Judge James Clarke, sentencing, said: "Whatever she said to you she didn't deserve to be treated in the way she was."

The judge said the incident was "horrific" and commented that Mitchinson had previous convictions for violence and has been to prison before.

The judge said there was a prospect of rehabilitation and noted his time in custody had impacted on Mitchinson already.

District Judge Clarke said: "That is the main focus of why I'm prepared to consider a suspended sentence."

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