Daily Star joins £1.4billion space mission to find ET on Jupiter

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    Mankind is heading to Jupiter to find ET… and your out-of-this-world Daily Star is going along for the ride.

    A £1.4billion mission hailed the most likely ever to find aliens will set off for the Solar System’s largest planet next month – with a British woman at the helm.

    And the Universe’s top newspaper has been given exclusive access to Mission Control for the final countdown to a trek set to change humanity’s future.

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    An Ariane 5 rocket will blast off from Europe’s Spaceport in the South American rainforest of French Guiana on April 13. It will propel a capsule packed with hi-tech gear 372million miles to Jupiter.

    Boffins say the planet and its four moons are the most likely in the Solar System to support alien life.

    The European Space Agency’s Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer – Juice – will embark on a 12-year alien hunt. The capsule will perform fly-bys of Jupiter’s moons Europa, Ganymede and Callisto, deploying 10 probes. It will then go into orbit around Ganymede for a year in a bid to prove alien life exists.

    The operation will be overseen by the ESA’s director of science, British astrophysicist Carole Mundell. Juice project manager Giuseppe Sarri said: “We hope this mission will finally answer mankind’s fundamental question, ‘Are we alone?’”.

    An ESA spokesman said: “Radiation near Jupiter can fry the craft’s electronic brain. The dangers will be worth it for the science Juice will uncover.’’

    What's more, The Daily Star proved it really is out of this world by buying ­Jupiter.

    We paid £30 for an acre of the Solar System’s largest planet after discovering it was the most likely to be home to aliens. US firm Space Land Agency confirmed “The Daily Star” is part owner of ET’s homeland. But readers will have to be patient before they can visit – as it will take European Space Agency probe Juice eight years to get there.

    It may also be a bit on the nippy side for a holiday as the average temperature is -170C. But on the bright side boffins are confident there is no cost-of-living ­crisis there, or war.

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