Death Row killer who survived injection faces never used before execution method

A murderer on Death Row for three brutal killings is set to be put to death using a new method involving nitrogen after he survived a gruesome first execution via lethal injection.

Alan Eugene Miller’s entire body “shook in restraints” in the botched attempt, that saw medical staff struggle to find a vein to inject him as he wriggled in excruciating pain.

In a complaint issued by the Death Row inmate's legal team, his lawyers alleged the murderer had experienced "mental and physical anguish".

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They said: "Mr Miller could feel his veins being pushed around inside his body by needles. Nauseous, disoriented, confused, and fearful about whether he was about to be killed… blood was leaking from some of his wounds."

But the State of Alabama will now use an untried method with deadly gas nitrogen hypoxia to kill him – despite having never executed anyone this way before and not yet having a protocol for its use.

In a court ruling on Monday (November 28) the State of Alabama and Miller’s lawyers agreed there will not be a second attempt to use a lethal injection.

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Officials said all future attempts will be through nitrogen hypoxia, in a procedure that would see Miller forced to breathe in pure nitrogen gas.

It would likely be delivered through a gas mask fitted over his face that would see levels of oxygen in his blood lowered to a point where it becomes fatal.

Fans of the new method say it is more humane and it has been allowed as a legal method since Governor Kay Ivey approved it in 2018 – but it is still yet to be used in an execution.

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