Denver International Airport warns travelers to arrive early Friday due to long security lines

Denver International Airport is warning travelers to arrive to the airport at least two hours before their flights due to busy security lines, according to a Friday morning news release.

The airport is experiencing security wait times exceeding 40 minutes as of Friday morning and could grow, the release said.

There are three Transportation Security Administration checkpoints at DIA with TSA Pre-check located at the North and South checkpoints.

Security lines have been a persistent issue at DIA in recent months with some passengers waiting in lines for more than an hour.

Airport and TSA officials told The Denver Post a couple of weeks ago a few of the contributing factors behind the lines including:

  • High passenger volumes as DIA recovers from the pandemic travel dip;
  • A space crunch at the north checkpoint where construction walls are up for a terminal renovation project;
  • TSA staffing.

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