‘Do what Biden won’t!’ John Bolton urges Boris take on Iran with ‘international coalition’

Iran is ‘ready to attack back’ against Israel says Galloway

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Speaking to GB News Mr Bolton slammed Iran for their continued campaign of terror following weeks of incidents including a drone attack on a cargo ship which killed British father Adrian Underwood and another man onboard. The former Trump advisor insisted a coalition of western allies including Britain, the USA, Saudi Arabia and Israel should hit back with a serious “response” to keep Iran and their “hardline” regime back. And in a surprising demand, he said Boris Johnson should “lead” such a military coalition.

Mr Bolton said: “I am urging him [Boris Johnson] to try to pull together an international response…

“Which takes into account the recent election in Iran: A hardline president to match a hardline Supreme Leader – to see if he can do what Joe Biden went do!

“Which is to pull both European allies and our allies in the Gulf: The Saudis, the Emiratis and Israel to form a common front against the Iranian threat.”

Mr Bolton explained the 2015 Iran Nuclear deal “is not coming back in any acceptable form” and so the threat of Iran has not changed. 

He went on to say that “unless” the west is “willing to put up” with the threat of Iran’s growing nuclear programme and “continued support for terrorism” the West should “pull its socks up”.

Mr Bolton added how this is a “potentially very important moment” for western countries.

He added: “And I do think Boris Johnson, given his background in this issue could be a coalition leader here.”

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