Dog attack victim mauled so badly by animals ‘police thought it was a stabbing’

Police are hunting for a pack of dangerous dogs after a woman was brutally mauled to death.

Anita Mears, 61, was attacked and killed by the dogs in rural Newalla, Oklahoma, US on Sunday (April 24).

Her body had been savaged so badly that when deputies first launched an investigation into the tragic death they thought they were looking into a stabbing.

Police only realised the wounds were dog bites after the body had been sent to the coroner's office.

Mears' own dog was found guarding her dead body, possibly after trying to fend off the other animals.

Sheriff Tommie Johnson III said: "Our heart goes out to her family. Life is precious, and it’s sad when we lose one, especially in this fashion.

"Ms. Mears’ dog was also injured in the attack. We believe that the dog was trying to protect her.

"You talk about how in any rural part of the community, dogs, they get let loose out there, and then they group up and they just run like pack animals.

"So, it is very common to see a pack of dogs running around."

At this point in their investigations, deputies have no idea why the dogs attacked Mears or where they might be now.

They have now warned people in the area to stay well away from any dogs that they don't recognise to avoid another tragedy.

Anyone who sees a pack of dogs has been urged to call the police.

This comes after a mum was forced to stab and kill her family dog to save her one-year-old daughter.

A Pit Bull latched onto the leg of little Ruby Cervantes, before a second Pitbull came in and also attacked the child at around 10.20pm local time on Sunday in Pico Rivera, California.

Mum Jamie initially tried to yank the dogs off the child, but when that didn't work she grabbed a blade.

"I had to stab the dog … I had to," she told KTLA, "It was either him or my daughter and I chose my daughter."

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