Dog called Fezco abandoned by ‘sick’ owners because they believed he was gay

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A ‘sick’ couple abandoned their dog for the most absurd and heartbreaking reason – they thought he was gay.

The poor pet pooch was dumped at an animal shelter in North Carolina, in the US after his owners caught him humping another male dog.

Although humping is a common behaviour in dogs, it is often not a sexual action. It can simply be a display of dominance or a result of overexcitement, but the owners believed it meant the dog was gay.

Stanly County Animal Shelter posted five-year-old Fezco’s story on their Facebook account seeking volunteers who can house Fezco until he's adopted him for good.

The dog, whose breed is unknown, is described as a "good boy" who is friendly with other people and animals. The shelter also said he weighs around 50 pounds (or 23 kg).

Since the post went up, applications for Fezco have flooded in for the pup, as reports WCCB TV.

However, the post also prompted several homophobic comments – and the previous owners were shamed for their deplorable behaviour.

An animal lover described them as “sick people”, and called for more to be done to educate and hold animal owners responsible.

One person said: “Please tell me the owners are not allowed to have pets ever again”

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A second added: “The poor dog would be so confused as to why he got kicked out. These people are so stupid. Hope they never have another pet”

“Can we throw away the owners?” commented a third.

One user also pointed out that humping or mounting is a common dog behaviour, it is often not sexual, and can simply be about dominance, overexcitement, or even a sign of underlying medical issues.

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