Dog owner sued own granddaughter, 11, after she was ‘eaten alive’ by mutts

A grandma sued her own granddaughter when her dogs were put down for savaging her in a horror attack.

Now 29 years old, Jynnie Kent was celebrating her 11th birthday on October 26, 2003 when her grandmother told her to release the 150lb bull mastiffs from their pen in the back garden.

But the simple errand ended up with her seeing "chunks of flesh" being torn from her body when her nan's show dogs turned violent, the Daily Mirror reports.

Jynnie, from Ontario, Canada, has now spoken out on the terrifying incident almost two decades on.

Describing how the attack unfolded after she became unconscious, she said: "We had just come back from grocery shopping and my grandmother asked me to let the dogs out.

"It was raining and I slipped and fell on the ground and I must have passed out for five minutes because when I woke all my clothes were gone.

"And the dogs were tearing into me, I had watched them literally eating me and they were tearing the skin off chewing it, swallowing it."

Her grandfather then took her to the hospital after finding her on the ground — but she claims her grandmother was desperate to cover up what happened to protect her dogs.

Jynnie added: "My grandmother told me to tell everyone it was two dogs that attacked me, as I tried to separate them from fighting."

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"She didn't want to lose her dogs, so when I regained consciousness and told everyone what had happened she got angry."

Her grandma then tried to sue her after the dogs were put down by claiming it was her fault, but lost the case and was ordered to pay Jynnie $184,000 (£114,663).

However, she declared bankruptcy and left Canada soon afterwards, before dying in 2020.

Jynnie now works at an animal sanctuary saving and rehabilitating animals.

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