Dog owner will ‘sell house’ to raise £20k needed to save beloved pooch

A dog owner is prepared to sell his house to afford life-saving surgery for his "little angel".

Broken-hearted Jaxon Feeley is determined to pay the £20,000 vets have quoted him after two-year-old Weimeraner, Rambo suffered a Hypovolemic shock.

The emergency condition is caused when severe blood or other fluid loss makes the heart unable to pump enough blood to the body, leaving Rambo in intensive care for 10 days.

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Faced with such an enormous bill, prison officer Jaxon says he will do whatever it takes to cover it even if that means selling his own house, reports.

Incredible generosity from almost 500 strangers – some of whom who have remained anonymous – has so far raised just shy of £7,000 on Jaxon's GoFundMe page.

Now the prison officer says he would ‘sell his house’ to keep her alive and is appealing for financial help.

Sharing his plight online, Jaxon explained: "I am writing this to ask for any little bit of help you can provide to help me bring my little angel home.

"Rambo is only 2 years old, she is the most beautiful, gorgeous little soul in the world and loves nothing more than her big brother Rocky, running riot at grandma and granddads and getting all warm and cosy at home whilst licking everyone’s face.

"She deserves so much more of a life than what is happening to her."

Jaxon, from Wigan, says he has been 'practically living at the vets' ever since Rambo first showed signs of being ill on January 20.

She's since contracted gastroenteritis, severe pneumonia and a collapsed lung.

"In the vet's words, Rambo could not have been any more unlucky,” he shared. "The initial cause is still unknown but the position Rambo is in now has resulted in her being in intensive care under 24/7 observation.

"The worry is that there is now a possibility an abscess has formed on Rambo’s lung which would require major surgery to remove.

"I could never forgive myself if I couldn’t give her the best fighting chance to pull through this horrendous situation."

"If the worst happens and Rambo requires major surgery, the cost of this as well as the aftercare is something I need to be able to give my little baby girl.

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"I’m a prison officer, so there’s no way I could cover that amount of money

"She’s only 2, she’s my world and I’d sell my house to keep her alive.

"I am broken watching this gorgeous little soul go through something so horrendous. Anything people can spare will make such a difference."

To find out more about Rambo, or to donate to her cause, visit Jaxon's fundraising page.

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