Dog owner’s terror after discovering gate tampered with after ‘banging’ at night

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A dog owner has issued a stark warning after finding his garden gate jammed by a piece of plastic.

Blake Smith, from Belmont North in Lake Macquarie, just two hours away from Sydney in Australia, was convinced that he was being targeted by burglars and dog thieves.

He noticed the gate was banging loud in the wind last week and said it was usually secured, so he went to investigate.

The 25-year-old shared a video on his Facebook to warn people to check their gates.

He walks up to the gate and realises the latch is jammed when he tries to close it.

Taking a closer look, Blake finds a silver-coloured plastic piece lodged behind the handle.

The plastic is carved in a special shape that blocks the lock mechanism.

He wrote on Facebook: "Attention to anyone in the Jewells/Belmont North area, some scumbag has got into my backyard the other night and I’m assuming to try and let my dogs out to steal something, or possibly take my dogs.

"This bit of plastic was wedged in the clip of the gate and couldn’t shut properly so keep an eye out on all your gates and animals."

Blake, who owns a rottweiler, had received a private message from another local telling him to be wary of the act after her rottweilers were recently stolen.

He has since installed security cameras on his property, as well as trimming his hedges and adding more door locks so intruders have nowhere to hide.

Other alarmed residents also commented on his post and thanked him for the reminder.

"Luckily they didn’t succeed but everyone be careful leaving your dogs outside," one said.

Another wrote: "One of my client’s staffy cross got out in Redhead a few weeks ago and two men were trying to drag him in the car and drive off before anyone could do anything."

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