Dog walks into shipyard with human skull in its mouth as murder probe launched

Four people have been arrested for murder after a dog found a body and walked into a local shipyard with a skull in its mouth.

Shocked workers didn't believe it to be real at first but called police when they realised it was a human skull.

Police have now identified the skull as belonging to a man who vanished last year.

The female dog, Ciko, found the body of Mehmet Ali Koran, who was reported missing on December 24, 2019.

The dog turned up at the shipyard in Icmeler, based in the district of Bodrum in the Turkish province of Mulga, with the skull in its mouth at around 1.40am on July 17, nearly seven months after the man was reported missing.

Supervisor Ali Efe, 49, was shocked by the horrifying sight and called the police.

Officers took the human skull to the Mulga Forensics Medicine Institutive for tests.

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Officers dispatched search and rescue teams who scoured the area with sniffer dogs and drones to find other parts of the victim's body.

After four days teams found a shinbone.

DNA tests on the skull revealed it belonged to missing Ali Koran.

Police continued investigating his disappearance and have arrested four people on suspicion of murder.

Reports state the suspects have issued statement and are currently being held in custody while the investigation continues.

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