Dogs over the top reaction to new diet has viewers howling with laughter

A woman's dog has left people in stitches with his hilarious reaction to being told his allergy test results – meaning a drastic change to his diet.

In a TikTok video by @lifewithkleekai her two Alaskan Klee Kais are loafing about on the sofa when she opens up a letter and reads out Copper's allergies.

She begins by reading out "sardines" and "corn" and the dog gives a minimal "ehh" response.

The next forbidden food is "rabbit" and, at this, her pooch lets out a series of more complicated squeaks which she translates as "could never catch them anyway".

But when she announces "beef", Copper jumps up and starts screaming in a very dramatic fashion before trailing off and lying back down on the sofa.

When she says "shellfish" and "cod", the poor pooch just grumbles in a resigned way next to his sister Skye.

The clip was watched more than 42 million times on the video-sharing app and people were left howling, although many admitted feeling very sorry for the unlucky pup.

One user said: "I swear he understood exactly what you were saying."

"Huskies are such drama queens," joked a second viewer.

A third user noted: "The way the other dog's eyes lifted when she said beef he's like 'damn that's tough.'"

Someone else pointed out: "The other dog was like 'damn she really said allergic to beef, that's crazy.'"

"Did I just witness a dog talking?" questioned another viewer.

Feeling the dog's pain, a fan confessed: "In his defence I'd be screaming too if I couldn't eat beef."

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This comes after a hero Husky made the news for finding an abandoned newborn baby in a park and making sure he was safe.

Hel the husky gently nudged the baby boy until he began to cry, alerting her owner to the infant who had simply thought the bundle was a "discarded blanket".

The little boy was taken to hospital and found to be healthy and police have appealed for information about the mother.

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