Doing this one thing when you see a shark can cost you your life, expert says

Panicking if you see a shark could cost you your life.

Experts say it’s vital you stay calm if you come face to face with the predator – but that’s easier said than done!

Marine biologist Ryan Johnson said: “If you encounter a shark while you’re in the water, the worst thing you can do is act like prey.

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“If you act like prey, they are possibly going to treat you like prey. Don’t panic, don’t thrash, don’t try to get away.

“You should hold your ground and 99.9% of the time you’ll have a wonderful time and then it’ll go on its way.”

Great white sharks are expected to appear in UK waters as temperatures rise.

Ryan added: “It’s important everybody who goes into the water is educated about sharks.

“Then when they start turning up in strange places, we know how to react.”

Ryan features in SharkFest, showing on National Geographic today.

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The terrifying moment a man had his finger torn off by a shark as he tried to remove a hood from the beast was captured on camera.

Brett Reeder holds onto the shark's fin and puts his other hand right under its mouth to lift it up from the water.

"Oh damn it! It got my god damn pinky, f***!" he yells as his son watches in shock.

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In other shark news, a swimmer has apparently mistaken a harmless garfish for a shark after he was caught on camera dragging it out of the sea.

Shocked onlookers on the beach at Turunc resort in the Turkish province Mugla watched as the man decided to take the matter into his own hands.

But one holidaymaker reportedly thought the fish was some sort of dangerous shark and attacked it.


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