Dusty old D-reg Sierra in garage sells for £60k – three times the original price

A dusty 36-year-old Ford Sierra found in a garage has been sold for £60,000 – three times its showroom price.

The RS500 Cosworth was around £19,950 when new and it had a top speed of 150 mph and was capable of reaching 60mph in six seconds.

The white D-reg three-door car has 78,000 miles on the clock and was flogged at auction last month after being found in storage in the north west of England.

The motor was flogged by auctioneer Hampson in Manchester.

And Classic and Sports Car magazine said: “This completely original 1987 Ford Sierra RS pop Cosworth went to a new home last week, having spent almost a decade dry-stored and unused.

“Discovered and sold by Hampson Auctions, we hope its next lucky keeper will bring it back to best.”

And Fast Car mag warned potential buyers looking to snap up a Cossie: “ Cossies are no longer supercars for the working man.

“Today you need a mortgage to buy a three-door and balls the size of melons to drive one as it’s intended.

“So-called Cosworth Tax is real: parts prices are no joke, with massive bills. And it will break down…”

Ford made just 500 of the two-litre motors and the seller –

Ford launched the Sierra RS Cosworth at the 1985 Geneva Motor Show, and Motorsport magazine pronounced it “quite simply the best high-performance saloon in the world”.

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