Ecstasy pills based on Netflix’s Squid Game promoted to kids on Facebook

Ecstasy pills based on the Netflix hit Squid Game are being promoted to kids on Facebook.

Parents claim dealers are using the popularity of the Korean show to market the drug to schoolchildren.

Worried mums and dads posted online to warn about it, with one horrified parent saying: “My daughter, 15, was approached on Messenger about pills.

“The Facebook profile was fake but asked if she’d like the new Squid Game tablets.

“I’m worried. It’s like they’re (the dealers) just selling sweets.”

Another said: “I’ve heard a similar story at my child’s school; they have been making pills out of TV shows for a long time.”S

Squid Game, a drama in which contestants either win cash or die while playing children’s games, has become one of Netflix’s hits of the year.

Earlier this week, the Daily Star reported how a group of three children in third grade were taken to hospital after being crushed by older students 'copying Squid Game' in a dead-end narrow corridor at school.

Five kids were rushed from George-Sand College in Crégy-lès-Meaux, France to hospital last week after suffering a stampede from older children in a narrow corridor.

The violence was reportedly a recreation of the deadly scenes in Netflix's South Korean hit Squid Game, which sees contestants play children's games to the death.

News of the incident emerged on Thursday, a week after the nightmare unfolded for the youngster on October 13.

La Parisien reports that what started as an accidental crossing of paths between third and sixth graders, evolved into something out of Squid Game.

The different age groups had both left their second last lesson of their half-day on Wednesday at 11:30 when they met in a tight corridor.

The school said it has launched three exclusion proceedings against the troublemakers responsible for the carnage.

Meanwhile schools in the UK have asked parents to not allow their kids to watch Squid Game through fear of scenes like in France being repeated.

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