Eighty ostriches escape from farm and rampage through city streets

Over 80 ostriches escaped a farm in China, taking to the streets of a large city when the gate to their pen was left unlocked.

The flightless birds hit the streets of Chongzuo City in south China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region on Saturday, according to reports.

Bizarre video shows the birds careering down busy streets at high speed in groups, before settling a less busy site.

Reports suggest that the birds belong to a local ostrich farm, and most were soon gathered up with the help of local police, and returned to their pen with no injuries to anyone involved.

Pictures and video circulating on social media showed that one of the birds even managed to reach a motorway.

The largest of the birds weighed over 100kg. State broadcaster CCTV said the ostriches escaped after the gate to their pen was left unlocked.

This is not the first time something like this has happened in a major Chinese city, after Foshan was brought to a standstill when just two rogue birds hit the streets in 2016.

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The birds, again from an ostrich farm, ran side-by-side in the middle of the morning rush hour traffic as reported on May 12th that year.

Unfortunately one the ostriches died after being hit by a car.

Although it is not clear when the incident happened, locals could be seen chasing down the other ostrich, which was brought to the ground and tied up with an electric cable.

However, when the authorities arrived to collect the bird, it had died of stress and injuries sustained from being tackled by its captors.

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