Elderly man, 80, found dead with ‘I touch little girls’ scrawled on chest

A pensioner was found dead at an apartment building with “I touch little girls” written across his chest in "black magic marker.

Cops confirmed that the 80-year-old man was called Robert Raynor and he was discovered just after 9.30am on Monday inside the first-floor hallway of 256 Corson Avenue in Tompkinsville, Staten Island.

A neighbour, Isaac Williams, spoke of hearing a commotion the previous evening but had gone to sleep before finding the body of Robert Raynor in the morning.

The neighbour told the New York Post: “The next morning I was coming down to get some cigarettes, and I just happened to look back in the hallway and I saw him laying there.

“My first instinct was he was drunk and he’d just fallen, even though I’d never seen him drunk.

“But then I just looked. I didn’t get too close and I was looking at his stomach and chest to see if they were moving.”

According to the neighbour Raynor was only wearing pants, which were below his waist, when he saw his body and his arms were positioned above his head as if he'd been dragged.

Williams said the message on his chest appeared to be written in "black magic marker" with the words “I take dolls in my room for girls age 1-5” reportedly also written on his stomach and "I touch" on his foot.

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Police advised the victim has cuts on his forehead and two black eyes while Williams believes he also had injuries to his nose, although police have not confirmed how these injuries were received.

Williams described Raynor as frail with no reason to suspect him of inappropriate behaviour.

Sources said Raynor had been arrested 24 times but nothing on his record suggested any sexual crimes against children.

There was also no mention of his name in the state’s online registry of known sex offenders.

Raynor's son told the New York Post that he had little contact with his father over the years but was "shocked and upset" to hear the circumstances surrounding his death.

Williams and Raynor's son said he lived with with three female relatives, one in her 30s and the others children, although the exact relationship was in dispute.

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