Emergency incident at Aucklands Lynn Mall

A man has been shot by police officers responding to a “serious incident” at a West Auckland supermarket this afternoon.

Emergency services responded to the incident mid-aftenoon, with multiple people being injured. The Herald has been told at least one person suffered a stab wound.

Police confirmed that a man entered a New Lynn supermarket and injured multiple people.
Police have located the man and he has been shot.

He has died at the scene.

They describe the incident as “still unfolding”.

At least 10 police vehicles are around the mall’s entry.

Ambulances and police officers are on the scene, as well as reports of the police Eagle helicopter in the area.

Armed police are at Lynn Mall and have blocked off roads.

A bus can be seen parked in the middle of Great North Rd near the Lynn Mall entry.

Footage posted on social media shows shoppers fleeing the mall.



A staffer at Lynn Mall Pharmacy says a person coming to pick up a prescription ran in and alerted them someone in the mall might have a weapon.

She says they closed their shutters to keep everyone inside safe – and have been in contacted with another pharmacy in the mall which is also locking down.

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