EuroMillions winners say life turned around when they cleaned parents grave

A lucky couple who banked themselves a cool million through a EuroMillions win have said their lives were turned around after they cleaned up the graves of their deceased parents.

Grimsby-based Calum Forrington, 37, and wife Kayleigh were left in "shock" after realising their lottery ticket had turned them into overnight millionaires.

While the couple planned driving lessons for Calum, a family trip to Disneyland for themselves and their three children, topping the list was cleaning up the gravestones of their dearly departed parents.

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The couple are also planning to put the cash toward buying up their dream home, with the pair believing their luck began to change once they had tidied up the gravestones.

Calum tragically lost both of his parents 18 years ago, but says the lucky lotto win marks a change in their luck.

The 37-year-old said: "Losing my parents was obviously devastating for me and I could never face going to visit their grave until more recently, just before I married Kayleigh.

"We cleaned it all up and got it looking much better for them – since then, everything just seems to have fallen into place.

"I started a new job that I love, we’ve had an amazing first year of marriage and, of course, we’ve won £1M! It feels like my parents are watching over me."

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Lucky lotto winner Calum continued: "I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and I’m looking forward to using our win to help build an amazing future for our children."

The pair have a handful of plans for how to spend their life-changing winnings, including a dream home, new cars and summer trips.

Calum added: "We spent the weekend in a bit of a daze and started planning how we would spend the money.

"We’ve never been able to afford to buy our own home so our win will certainly help with that, plus I’m looking forward to learning how to drive and buying us both new cars.

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