Europe’s Covid crisis laid bare – French cases soar past UK sparking nightmare for Macron

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Europe is currently wading through Covid cases, with many nations reporting 100,000 per day despite significant vaccine coverage. The totals mean Omicron is breaking records on an almost daily basis – in some countries more than others. Recent data shows that not only does France have the highest caseload on the continent, but its rate is rising far faster than its neighbours.

Statistics aggregator Our World In Data has compiled Europe’s latest rates.

Their site used data from Johns Hopkins University showing seven-day rolling averages for daily new confirmed Covid cases per million people, with shocking results for France.

The data showed French Covid case rates are the highest in Europe.

Around Christmas 2021, France had stable rates of around 1,100 a day, within range of Italy and Spain, where officials were reporting between 600 and 800.

At the time, the UK had the highest concentration by far, reporting just over 1,500.

After dropping closer to 1,000 in a brief dip on December 26, French case rates embarked up a steep incline from December 30.

Between then and New Year’s Day 2021, a tidal wave of Covid cases brought the average to nearly twice that reported on December 25.

The new total of approximately 2,300 saw the country clip the UK, which reported an average of 2,250.

Since then, France has remained the most infected country in Europe.

Figures from January 5 show an average rate closer to 3,000 cases per million people.

Aside from France, only the UK has a comparable rate, with an average of 2,700, according to the data.

Spain is behind the UK with 2,300, Italy behind them on 2,100, and Germany is on the lowest concentration with nearly 500.

In daily case terms, January 5 totals from France established a new record, with 332,252 infections.

The country was one of five, including Italy, Portugal, Turkey and the Netherlands, to record broken records.

Most of these nations, including France, are planning a crackdown on unvaccinated locals to curb Covid cases.

French officials hope to reduce some of the burdening by zeroing in on the unvaccinated.

Early this morning, the French National Assembly approved a bill to green-light a national vaccine pass.

The bill, which now awaits confirmation in the Senate chamber, would broaden rules requiring people to prove their vaccination status.

Those aged 12 and over would need to present a pass to enter bars, restaurants, public transport and more.

Although a negative Covid PCR test would have previously provided the same access, French officials will no longer accept them.

The news came following controversial comments from French President Emmanuel Macron about his intentions with the unvaccinated.

On Tuesday, he vowed to “pi** off” unvaccinated people under his jurisdiction “right until the end”.

His statement, made in an interview with Le Parisien, triggered immediate backlash amongst the French political class.

Marine Le Pen, his far-right rival hoping to claim the Presidential office during this year’s elections, said his words made him “unfit” to hold the role.

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