Family survives house fire after jumping out second-floor window onto trampoline

A heroic pair of neighbours thought on their feet to save a father in a burning house by cleverly using a trampoline.

Two people, a father and teenage daughter, were trapped inside a burning house in Chattanooga, Tennessee, in the United States on August 4, when Fernando Rivera and Sam Triplett jumped into action.

Rivera had just returned home from work and saw the blaze trapping the 19-year-old daughter in the house calling for help, on the second floor.

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The Chattanooga Fire Department said he found several of the residents had escaped already.

“She was terrified, but he was able to convince the teen to jump out of the second story window into his arms, saving her,” firefighters said.

He then noticed the father through anonther second floor window so he and Mr Triplett dragged a trampoline over so the man could jump onto it and escape the building softly.

“The resident later told fire officials that the smoke was so thick and dark that he struggled to even find a window,” the fire department said.

Miraculously, no one was hurt, including the people who earlier escaped the property.

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Firefighters arrived soon after and quickly got the fire under control.

The fire department said the blaze was mostly contained to the kitchen.

“We commend both neighbors who stepped up to save lives in a terrifying and dangerous situation,” a spokesperson for the Chattanooga Fire Department told The New York Post. “Their fast thinking, resourcefulness, and bravery were remarkable.”

Rivera and Triplett were given Citizen Commendation awards by fire officials.

“Fire Chief Phil Hyman gave them Citizen Commendation Awards for their heroic actions and personally thanked them for going above and beyond in an emergency situation,” the Chattanooga Fire Department wrote on Facebook.


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