Feeble! VDL holding EU ‘captive’ in power grab after Covid shambles

Ursula von der Leyen on EU Covid digital certificates

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The EU export controls on all coronavirus vaccines following British-Swedish firm, AstraZeneca failing to deliver the 400 million doses originally purchased by the EU. The blockade is said to have potentially costs lives. In its latest attempt to monopolise the market, the EU is set to launch a new body named HERA to be in charge of any and all future health crises.

Critics have branded the Commission’s power grab attempt a “clusterf***” and some have called out on the EU executive’s “coup” bids.

Adding to the argument, Express.co.uk readers also took the opportunity to share their views on the ever-growing power hunger of the European Union, and its head Commissioner, Ms von der Leyen.

One commentator, Inspector Corner said: “The EU was only ever meant to be a trading place. That was so they could get their foot in the door.”

He added: “It’s always been about grabbing power and money, and to have taxes and laws imposed directly by Brussels.”

Warning EU nations not to give up their sovereignty to the EU, Susan Woolley said: “If the European countries give even more power to the power-hungry EU they will live to regret it.”

Backing up the argument, Bazra said: “They are losing their Nation-State identities bit by bit, and before they know it, they will be part of a Unified Nation-State of Europe.”

Adding to yet another show of force by the EU, Comments Unavailable said: “VDL is now pushing mandatory EU jabs, they are going to give themselves emergency powers and forge an EU army of jackboots to pin down your kids and stick them with weekly shots and if you don’t like it you’re going to be bIacklisted.”

Saying the problem will grow to other areas, Coyote said: “Health today, Army tomorrow and income and business taxes by the weekend, a conquest of Europe by stealth. Foul organisation.”

Taking a swipe at the EU Commission President, HSMC said: “When is VdL this joke of a politician done? I can’t take looking at her much longer. Despotic clown!”

Stating that Ms Von der Leyen takes orders elsewhere, UKrules said: “VDL in control of everything from medicines to armies, what could possibly go wrong, never mind Vlad will tell her what to do, and when, or else no gas.”

Tenjie said that a few elites rulers were seeking to take full control of the EU in the ultimate power grab.

He said: “Amazing. Are the EU countries actually going to wake up and realise just how much VDL, Guy V and Dalli plus the rest of the Commission want to be THE rulers of the States of EU?”

He added: “Why on earth don’t they realise, this is why Macron is delaying throwing his hat into the French election ring? He wants to be one of the Commission elite and rule.”

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Adding that the power grab was spiralling out of control, Bandersnatch said: “It started out with creeping centralisation, now it’s galloping centralisation.”
He added: “Soon, it will be just the EU and no authority in any member states at all.”

Mac123 summed up by saying: “The EU missed the boat with the covid vaccines. What a propaganda coup that would have been. We wouldn’t have heard the last of how the EU saved Europe.”

He ended: “As it was, reality prevailed and the reality is, the EU couldn’t run a p*** up in a brewery. The EU has always been trying to grab power from its members. The tide will eventually turn.”

Coming to the defence of the von der Leyen’s proposal, lawyers from the Council’s legal service said: “The Proposal aims to set up a mechanism of an exceptional, crisis-led nature, whose activation is limited in time and with core measures relating to safeguarding supply and avoid economic disruption in a situation of a public health emergency.”

The Commission is also urging member states to boost efforts to detect mutations in light of the new Omicron strain, as some still lag behind almost two years into the pandemic.

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