French bulldog’s habit of carrying plastic cup everywhere melts hearts online

A dog has captured hearts online when she showed an adorable habit of carrying a cup wherever she goes.

Own Ella Hylton said her French bulldog has been inseparable from a plastic cup since she was a puppy and she noticed her pet enjoys carrying it around in the house.

'We don't deserve dogs," she wrote in a collage video, showing small clips of her pooch with her "toy".

The spotted Frenchie, now two years old, is seen snuggling up to Ella on bed while holding the cup in her mouth.

Other times, Ella finds the dog refusing to let go of the cup even when she falls asleep.

The cup is so well-loved that it shows the teeth mark along the edges and it's been dubbed as the pet's "emotional support cup" by Ella.

"She's had this cup since a puppy and she takes it everywhere with her and sleeps with it every night," she wrote.

Dog lovers were quick to comment on the dog's habit and called it "the cutest thing ever".

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"I’ve heard of a safety blanket… but this is the first time I’ve heard of a safety cup," one said and a second wrote: "I've never seen a dog gets so attached to a cup before."

"Your dog is so beautiful and that's so sweet," a third added. "Mine used to take his food bowl everywhere but he grew out of it. He's two now."

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Some, however, were concerned if it could be a sign of breathing problem and suggested Ella to take her pet to a vet for a health checkup.

But she replied: "She's really quiet and the vets said her breathing is good to say she's Frenchie as I know a lot of them have to have surgery for Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome."

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