Gang beheaded man and left his head on church steps in horror revenge attack

A man was publicly beheaded in an apparent revenge attack by a gang of four men – who then left their victim’s head on the steps of a church in India..

The 21-year-old victim, who was killed on Tuesday, September 14, was named by police as college student G Vetrivel, who was reportedly part of a gang responsible for the brutal slaying of a man called Abhishek in October last year.

Vetrivel was riding his scooter home when he was ambushed and beheaded by the gang, who then dumped the severed head in front of a church in the town of Erumaiyur.

Vetrivel’s headless body was found in a dry lake bed several miles away on Dharkast Road, according to a police report.

The victim’s face was so horribly mutilated that police could not immediately identify him and its was only when they located the body that a positive identification could be made.

The church where the body was left is the same one where Abhishek was hacked to death after a wedding in late October 2020.

“It was the same church in front of which Vetrivel’s head was placed on Tuesday night,” a police source told the New Indian Express. “At around 10.30 pm, Vetrivel was nearing his house on a two-wheeler after visiting his friend when a four-member gang blocked his way and hacked him to death in public view”.

“Recently Abhishek’s brother came out on bail and we suspect he must have murdered Sachin to avenge the murder of his brother. We have launched a hunt for Abhishek’s brother”.

Abhishek had reportedly been killed by Vetrivel and his gang as a reprisal because his brother had attempted to murder one of Vetrivel’s closest friends, according to local police officials.

The Somamangalam police has launched a manhunt to track down the gang responsible for the horrific murder.

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