Gang of starving monkeys storm shop looking for food after Covid ruins supplies

A marauding gang of hungry monkeys have been filmed overrunning a shop in the desperate search for food.

Dozens of primates were seen hunting for scraps in a mechanic spare parts shop in the province of Lopburi, Thailand on August 12.

Monkeys in the area have been left hungry for months due to the Covid pandemic ruining the tourism trade in the area.

Much of their food relied on eating what was left behind by crowds visiting the sights.

It has led to the animals invading homes and shops to find what they need.

In the footage, the hungry animals cover the entire floor as the shop owner tries to keep them calm by bringing out snacks and juice.

Shop assistant Nong Supaporn said: “Our boss really liked monkeys and believed they were lucky.

“He has a pet monkey that lived with him and takes to the shop.

“When the wild monkeys arrived, he gave them some food because they appeared to be starving. He felt bad for the animals.”

Eventually, the group left the shop and went in search for food elsewhere in the village. Local officials were also informed of the heard roaming the area.

Lopburi, around 95 miles north of the capital Bangkok, has a large population of wild monkeys that roam the streets and buildings.

Locals believe they are lucky and pay respect to them with a festival every year.

It is not the first time the primates have been filmed causing havoc with their human counterparts.

During the first lockdown last year, aggressive monkeys took over a town hall, forcing staff to flee for their lives.

Sex-crazed monkeys also invaded a Thai city in 2020, causing residents to leave their homes behind.

It comes after one of the world’s oldest chimpanzees died aged 49. Zookeepers said several of her distraught pals desperately tried to wake her up after realizing something was wrong.

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