Gangster’s moll busted using beauty salon firm as front for ‘dial-a-drug’ racket

A gangster's moll funded her lavish lifestyle by using beauty salon as a front for a "dial-a- drug " racket".

Beauty parlour boss Samantha Cox earned as little as £5,000 from performing beauty treatments yet splashed out on designer clothing and shoes while driving a Porsche Macan worth £50,000.

Cox, 30, has been jailed for allowing her drug baron boyfriend Lee Worthington to use her business Miami Glow in Salford, Greater Manchester, to peddle his heroin and crack cocaine.

The drug lord was already in jail for peddling narcotics yet he acquired mobile phones in prison to give orders to Cox and his team of traffickers on the outside.

Addicts would ring a dedicated hotline then go to an alleyway behind the salon where they would meet one of Cox's own customers who had been recruited to hand out drugs from her bra.

Police smashed the drug ring after a surveillance operation on the salon in March 2019. Officers found tens of thousands of pounds in cash in the salon, Cox's apartment above the shop and at her mother Barbara's home.

Cops arrested Cox in a nearby flat with cocaine and heroin worth £50,000, while officers seized designer clobber and electrical items valued at over £30,000.

They also found drug paraphernalia and various mobile phones.

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An investigation revealed the team would be paid in cash for the drugs by customers but to hide the money they would transfer it to a network of 36 other people who were connected to Dovegate jail in Uttoxeter, Staffordshire, where Worthington was locked up.

At Manchester Crown Court Cox was jailed for five years and five months after admitting conspiracy to supply Class A drugs and converting criminal property. Worthington admitted converting criminal property and was jailed for a further 41 months.

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Joanne Zblewska, 42, from Salford, who peddled drugs from her underwear and Worthington's brother Stephen, 33, were each jailed for six and a half years after they admitted conspiracy to supply drugs.

During the police operation, officers watched up to 30 addicts a day visit the alleyway behind the salon to get their fix.

Prosecutor Adrian Farrow said: "Even though he was in prison, Lee Worthington was, largely by the use of illicit mobile phones, able to the maintain close contact with those involved in the supply of heroin and cocaine in the Salford area.

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"Samantha Cox was Lee Worthington's partner. She ran a beauty salon which the prosecution accepts was a legitimate business although banking records show it had a modest turnover.

"However, Samantha Cox maintained a lifestyle of some luxury and that was funded by her involvement in the supply of drugs.

"She was involved in the safe storage of wholesale quantities of drugs for onward street supply, the safe keeping of cash proceeds from drug dealing and also in the transfer of cash proceeds of drug supply at the direction of Lee Worthington."

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In mitigation for Cox, defence counsel Chloe Fordham said: "'She accepts she did benefit financially from her role, but she did have a legitimate business alongside receiving financial rewards from selling drugs.

"This allowed her to fund a lifestyle which she otherwise would not have been able to afford, but not substantially."

Sentencing judge Timothy Smith told Cox: "The scale of the operation you were involved in must have been clear to you, and you stored and secured significant amounts of drugs, and relayed them for sale as and when required.

"Those who deal drugs exploit and make money from vulnerable people and bring misery and despair to people."

Darren Horrocks, 50, was jailed for six years and ten months whilst Christopher Corbett, 53, was jailed for 45 months. Both men from Salford admitted drugs offences.

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