Gender reveal goes disastrously wrong as dad is left curled up in ball of agony

Footage shows a gender reveal going badly wrong – with the expecting dad ending up rolling on the floor in pain while his toddler laughs at him.

In the funny YouTube video, which shows Gemma Bayliffe Newby and her partner share the news of their baby boy, they are filmed sitting in the living room with their excited daughter as they explain what is going to happen.

"What do you think the baby is? Shall we find out?" asks Gemma.

The little girl then says she knows the colour of the confetti and balloons will be pink for a girl and blue for a boy.

She claps her hands and jumps up and down in excitement as her dad prepares to let off the cannon shooter.

"Are you ready?" he asks while she waits.

Unfortunately, the cannon doesn’t go off and he keeps twisting it in vain, but it seems the popper – which is meant to release a stream of blue confetti – is somehow jammed.

Meanwhile, the mum releases blue balloons to reveal to their little girl that her new baby sibling will be a boy.

Suddenly, the cannon goes off with a bang but the dad was pointing it the wrong way around – not facing the air but downwards into his crotch.

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He curls into a ball and rolls around on the living room carpet while his daughter laughs hysterically.

Gemma uploaded the video on Monday (February 8) and wrote: "Everything that could go wrong definitely did."

This isn't the first time a gender reveal has gone a bit wrong – with one accidentally sparking a forest fire that burned 7,000 acres of woodland.

And an expecting mum was left in tears when a sonographer "ruined" her gender reveal party.

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