George and Charlotte broke royal Christmas tradition, mum Kate Middleton admits

Prince George and Princess Charlotte once broke a royal Christmas tradition, their mum Kate Middleton has revealed.

Christmas for the Royal Family is filled with traditions, some of them harking back to their German heritage.

One of them is that they open their presents on Christmas Eve, as is customary in Germany.

Former royal chef Darren McGrady said: "The royals are of German descent so they weave in German traditions to their celebrations.

"After afternoon tea, they open gifts on Christmas Eve, as is the German tradition."

But the Duchess of Cambridge confessed on Christmas Day in 2018 that Prince George and Princess Charlotte were in fact "up very early" on Christmas morning to open their gifts, the Daily Mirror reports.

She let slip as she spoke to a royal fan waiting outside the church on the estate, who was hoping to get a glimpse of the young family.

However, there is one type of present that Kate apparently likes to buy for her kids – and that’s practical gifts.

According to one royal expert, Kate is mindful not to lavish extravagant tech gifts on her three children.

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That's because she would reportedly prefer to get them practical presents, so they don't end up having too much screen time at once.

Royal author and expert Katie Nicholl told OK!: "George enjoys his iPad at school, both he and Charlotte are quite tech-savvy and, like most children, there probably are technical gadgets and such like on their wish list.

"I'm sure they're not going to want for anything, but when it comes to technology and screens, they are careful not to spoil them with extravagant gifting."

Nicholl added: "If it is something that happens to be a computer game or something like that then they are cautious of screen time so it could be a more practical gift."

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