Google Maps user spots nuclear subs with escorts off US coastline

Users on Google Maps have discovered what they believe is an escort of ‘nuclear submarines’ heading to the sea near the US.

The images show several submarines being accompanied by two boats with what appears to be speedboats ahead of them.

Google’s satellite imagery managed to capture the vessels moving close to Marrowstone Island and Greenbank in the state of Washington.

The submarines appear to be heading toward the Salish Sea, which runs in between Canada and the US.

The images and coordinates of the potential 'nuclear' submarines and their escorts were posted on Reddit by a user called Smash_Factor.

His post prompted comments from a number of Reddit users with some being scared of the fact ‘nuclear’ submarines like this exist.

One user said: “24 missile tubes each with warheads that can split 8x.”

As another commenced: “Scary that we aren't the only country that has stuff like this.”

There was one user who is believed to live close to the area and they added: “We see this pretty regularly from shore. It's pretty cool.”

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However, some users were more trying to work out the actual number of submarines in the fleet.

Some believe that it is actually just a single submarine with it being tracked as it moved by the Google satellite.

The user said: “If you look at these coordinates, it’ll show what appears to be 2 submarines. But it was just 2 photos that both captured the same submarine during its outbound transit. Pretty cool.”

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Another said: “Crazy find. This also completely changes how I understand Google's satellite imagery as well. Didn't imagine zooming out quite a distance would still show these vessels in the same spot.”

It is currently unknown exactly when the images were captured by the satellite.

The images of the submarines comes as the US has been reportedly sending some of its ships close to the Black Sea near Russia.

Rising tensions between the US and Russia over Ukraine is feared to potentially trigger World War Three.

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