Grandad’s legs amputated following dog attack – days after pet killed relative

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A builder described his "nightmare" ordeal of having both of his legs amputated after his pet dog bit him a month after it killed his brother-in-law the same way.

Mark Day has lost both of his legs and nearly all his fingers after he contracted sepsis from being bitten by two-year-old family dog Ted.

Ted, which is an American Akita, bit Mark after he had praised him for being a "good boy" on August 19, and just days later the 62-year-old said his legs started to feel like "blocks of ice".

It comes just weeks after his brother-in-law Barry Harris, 46, suffered a fatal cardiac arrest after he was bitten by the "giant teddy bear".

After Mark was bitten he said his temperature skyrocketed to 39C before he suffered multiple organ failure and was placed in a 10-day coma at Colchester Hospital, Essex on August 22.

Mark, who lives in Colchester, with his wife Pauline, 62, said: "It was like a hideous nightmare. I was just looking down at mummified legs. They were peeling bits off me every day.

"Half of my calf was raw flesh. My legs were rock hard. I was warned not to bang them as I could snap something off.

"My feet were black almost a third of the way up. All I was thinking was that it’s like laying in a coffin looking at your dead body.

"I was so pleased when they said my legs were coming off. I thought 'get them off and move on'."

Mark was later transferred to Broomfield Hospital, where he celebrated his 62nd birthday and 20th wedding anniversary with Pauline, before undergoing his six-hour amputation on November 2.

Two surgeons worked simultaneously to remove both legs below the knee and cut off all the fingers on his left hand and two fingers on his right hand.

The bacterial pathogen – capnocytophaga canimorsus – is found in the saliva of around 26% of dogs, according to a recent study.

Mark’s brother-in-law Barry bought Ted from a Facebook seller based in London in May this year for some "good company" after going through a break-up.

The seller told Barry that Ted, who was 15-months-old, was well trained but he later found that the pooch didn't even respond to his name.

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Seven weeks later, Ted bit Barry as he was trying to remove an animal bone from his mouth and he soon fell ill with cold sweats and headaches.

Barry tragically died at his home when his heart stopped three days later.

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Ahead of Barry’s funeral on August 19, Mark was taking Ted for a morning walk when the dog bit again with its bacteria-infested mouth.

But Mark said he didn’t realise he had been infected until three days after he had been bitten.

"Afterwards I thought it was a hangover from the wake when I didn’t feel great," he said.

"I never thought for a minute it was linked to Ted. It’s just mind-numbing."

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