Grieving dog refuses to leave friend’s side after pooch was mown down by cars

Footage of a grieving dog left viewers in tears after he refused to leave his dead friend's side following a road accident.

The video, which appeared on Douyin, a Chinese version of TikTok, shows a driver approaching a stray dog on the road in a Chinese city.

The brown pooch is seen rubbing his back on the spot where his furry friend got flattened by cars on a road.

He sniffs the remains, before gently rubbing his head and rolling around on top.

In the video, liked more than 220,000 times, the caption stated: "The fourth day after his companion gets killed.

"Now I know why the dog always appears at the same spot."

The clip has left animal lovers calling to put an end to animal abuse and dog meat trading.

One viewer said: "Please treat the stray dogs with love and care, they don't deserve this!"

Another commented: "This is so heartbroken for the dog to see his buddy flattened on the ground."

"People need to stop eating dog meat," a third added. "This is too brutal to watch."

Meanwhile, a Siberian husky was drugged by a veterinary nurse because it "wouldn't stop barking" during a night shift.

Paul Chaney claimed the barking left him feeling frustrated and gave the pooch a dose of Butorphanol, a strong sedative in an attempt to stop the animal making noise.

Another poor dog in Colombia was “gang-raped” by several people in an abhorrent bestiality attack that left him with 30 stab wounds.

Distressing footage shows the bleeding dog struggling to move on the streets before volunteers took him to a vet.

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