Harry and Meghan living ‘painful irony’ after Netflix deal, commentator says

Prince Harry has been accused of showing a lack of dignity and profiting off the back of his mum’s “pain and suffering”.

The withering attack on the Duke of Sussex from a royal commentator comes as Harry fails to disown Netflix, despite the network taking fire for what’s widely been reported will be an unsympathetic take on Princess Diana’s life in the next series of The Crown.

Jemima Khan, one of Diana’s closest pals, has quit her role on the show over the direction of the storyline, and has asked for her contributions to be erased.

She had been with the series since last September, working on scripts relating to Diana’s romances with Hasnat Khan (a cousin of Jemima’s former husband and current Pakistan PM Imran Khan) and Dodi Al-Fayed, as well as the controversial Panorama interview.

But there has been silence from Harry, which royal columnist Daniela Elser claims is telling given how he and his wife Meghan have signed their own mind-boggling £100m deal with Netflix.

“The unspoken imputation here is that The Crown’s treatment of this turbulent period of Diana’s life is going to be far, far from all rose-tinted remembrances and pastel-hued saint-in-waiting material,” Daniela writes for news.com.au

“And it is because of this Khan situation that Harry is now in the line of fire, again, from some quarters in the UK, with calls growing for him to speak up given that he and wife Meghan … are now commercially in bed with Netflix.

“Or to put it another way, he needs to address things given he is set to rake in an estimated $135m from the very same organisation which looks set to profit off the back of his mother’s suffering and pain.”

James Corden quizzed Harry about the programme earlier this year, but Daniela says Harry “dodged this tricky Crown question when he was interviewed, having left his dignity in his other pants”.

She adds: “This Sussex Netflix shambles is going nowhere, fast. He and Meghan have needed and will continue to need a huge amount of cash to keep their new Californian life afloat.

“Netflix might have solved any liquidity issues facing Harry and Meghan but in attaching themselves to a $300bn-plus behemoth they have also got themselves in an unwinnable situation.

“There is such an exquisitely painful irony here. Harry and Meghan left the claustrophobic strictures of a powerful organisation to live a life unfettered and unbound. And yet they now find themselves fettered and bound by another powerful organisation, unable to bite the very generous hand that is feeding them.

“This time, though, the shackles are of their very own making.”

Representatives for the Sussexes have been approached for comment.

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