Harrys intriguing outfit choice shows non-verbal choreography in interview

Prince Harry was spotted showing a hidden choreography in his interview with American broadcaster Anderson Cooper, a body language expert noted.

The 38-year-old royal made a number of TV appearance to promote his memoir, Spare, and went on details to talk about his recent relationship with his dad King Charles and brother Prince William.

In the 60 Minutes interview, he called Queen Consort Camilla "the villain" and compared the British press to "Games of Thrones" dragons.

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Expert Mark Bowden, who is credited with pioneering non-verbal analysis of human behaviour, talked on "The Behaviour Panel" on YouTube and noticed a hint of what could set the tone of the interview.

"What really comes across my mind is that the interviewer and the subject here are dressed exactly the same, apart from different colourway," he said.

"It's like they've gone to the same store – and 'I'll go for a brown one, you do the blue one'.

"We know that if that's not a decision, that if people are dressed the same, they are more likely to get on better with each other.

"Of course there is outliers, but as a good general rule, they are going to get on better."

Based on how similar both Harry and Cooper were dressed, Mark had a brief idea, right at the start of the 60 Minutes interview, that he's not expecting much conflict between the two of them on camera.

"We may get some little bits but we are expecting this to be a helpful interview, rather than one with conflict in it," he continued.

"Simply off the bat because of how they've shown up, dressed very much the same, either in an arranged manner or it's just happenstance.

"It's very different in the ITV interview that Harry did with Tom Bradby, the political editor, where we see a lot of conflict in that."


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