Having Netflix and Spotify subscriptions could actually help you get a mortgage

Subscribing to Netflix and and Spotify could improve your chances of getting a mortgage later in life.

For those splashing cash on subscription services to the streaming giants, Leeds Building Society has your back, who revealed a plan to help people onto the property ladder.

Their idea stems from those who already have subscriptions, meaning those hoping to buy their first home but also enjoy Stranger Things and Wet Leg are set for a foot on the property ladder.

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It comes as the building society claim the monthly spend on two subscription services can be proof of a strong financial track record.

Leeds Building Society believe in the subscriptions of young people so much they are willing to use them as proof of steady debit payments.

Spotify and Netflix subscriptions will fall in line with council tax payments to decide whether new applicants can afford the home they have applied for.

Chief executive at Leeds Building Society, Richard Fearon, said the decision will "particularly help younger borrowers, first-time buyers and anyone on lower incomes who face the toughest challenge to prove their ability to repay".

He added that it could also be useful to those who are stuck in the renting cycle.

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Fearon continued: "Often through no fault of their own, these groups can struggle to build a good credit score because they need to spend most of their earnings on rent and other regular payments."

Other subscriptions do apply, including Amazon and other consistent debit payments to recognised services, but they do not guarantee a successful application.

An overall financial status will be assessed too, looking into details of employment and income before making a decision on potential applicants.

Leeds Building Society's updated plans come soon after Skipton Building Society declared a deposit-free mortgage system for first time buyers, allowing them to take a 35-year fixed contract without putting money down.

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