Healthy model with coronavirus lifts lid on agony that’s left her wet with sweat

A healthy model who contracted coronavirus reveals how she could "not stop sweating because her cough was so intense".

The 30-year-old woman described her horrific experience, warning young people to take the virus more seriously.

Intan Clement was diagnosed with the virus after she was struggling to breathe and unable to stop coughing.

Initially she did not take it too seriously, as she was a non-smoker and was relatively healthy.

But speaking to Yahoo News Australia after her partner fell ill first, she said: “I thought it was a simple cold – he hasn’t had any other symptoms since that. I’ve been turning sicker and sicker.”

Ms Clement, who resides in Paris, was travelling from the city with a group of friends the day before President Emmanuel Macron announced the national lockdown.

Her symptoms began to worsen during the trip, she said: “It got very difficult at times to breathe while skiing and my body got quite tired but I assumed it’s because I haven’t skied in 10 years and I’m not really fit.”

The next day, Ms Clement and her friends travelled back to Paris, however due to the lockdown trains were difficult to book, so they took a car.

She said: “I didn’t feel very well in the car and it took the whole day to come back from Valloire to Paris. Then when we got home I began to cough a bit crazy – mental.

“I experienced more trouble breathing and couldn’t breathe properly without coughing.”

The following day, she noticed a strange noise whilst breathing from her lungs which prompted her to ring emergency services where she had a video appointment with the doctor.

“That was useless, ‘Oh, maybe you have the flu, you can have paracetamol’,” Ms Clement said.

On March 20 she decided to book a face-to-face appointment, and has been in hospital since then with no visitors.

She told Yahoo News Australia that she never thought she would have contracted the virus as she did not take it seriously.

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