Heatwave alert: 83F blast to hit in DAYS as sweltering African plume to suffocate UK – map

BBC Weather: Heatwave temperatures forecast across UK

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According to graphs, the hot air plume is travelling northwards following a period of sweltering temperatures this weekend. The hot African blast is passing through the Iberian peninsula but when it hits the UK, it could bring sweltering temperatures with it on Monday. Such are the sweltering conditions that charts from forecasters are blanketed in red from Friday onwards ahead of the arrival of the African plume.

According to one chart from Netweather, the mercury will rise to 28C (83F) in Yorkshire on Saturday.

The Midlands and the South of England are expected to see temperatures between 24-26C (75F) on Friday afternoon.

Although lower than England, Wales and parts of Scotland will still see a high of 24C (75F) on June 16.

The mercury is expected to surge on July 17, with charts showing multiple areas in England experiencing 26C.

As of 3pm on July 17, Wales will also see searing temperatures ahead of the arrival of the African plume which could push the mercury to 24C for most of the country.

On July 18, the hot temperatures will remain as the blanket of 27C air spreads throughout the country.

From July 19, however, forecasters are predicting the arrival of the hot blast of African air.

The BBC said: “Computer models are really struggling with how far east high pressure will be during this week, and that has a big impact on our temperature forecast.

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“If high pressure builds strongly near Germany, we could see a southerly wind develop through France and into the UK.

“This would tap into some hot North African air, so there is a chance for a heat wave to develop later in the week.

“However, everything would need to line up perfectly for this to happen so we will continue to monitor for the risks into next week.

“If a heatwave does develop, it would likely last for 4 or 5 days.”

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Close to the time, the BBC is predicting searing temperatures across the country.

The BBC reports the period of high pressure will remain across the UK from Wednesday until late into July 19.

They said: “High pressure is expected to build over the UK by midweek and stick around for the remainder for the week and weekend.

“This will provide a lot of dry, sunny, and increasingly warm weather across the country.

“Temperatures will slowly climb above average with some very warm or hot afternoons over the weekend and more summer-like weather for most of the UK.

“Northern Scotland will be the exception to the otherwise mostly sunny outlook, with weak weather fronts keeping it cloudy there more often.

“Some of this cloud may occasionally drift into eastern areas via the North Sea.”

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