Hilarious moment German shepherd refuses to let go of heavy pumpkin

A lovely German shepherd has left his owner in stitches when he walked around the house carrying a heavy pumpkin.

Owner, who is known as "ahomelesskrill" on Reddit, jokingly called their pet a "pumpkin thief" because of the way he carried the vegetable.

In the video posted on Sunday (October 3), the pooch walks into frame with a pumpkin in his mouth.

He trots around the front yard and spins around the tree before heading further to the right and makes a turn back to the house.

The young German shepherd refuses to let go of the pumpkin the whole time and holds it by the tip of the stem.

"We have some pumpkins on our front porch that he take," the owner said. "He is currently chasing insects around the yard while holding a pumpkin.

"We just let him have it. He was having too much fun to take it from him."

Viewers were stunned when they saw the pooch walking around with a pumpkin.

One said: "That’s hilarious! My dog does this with random things and will keep it up until you chase her.

"It’s a game she wants to play. I’ve found clothes, the TV remote and various other things she ran outside with when I didn’t notice, she got bored with no one chasing her and left them outside."

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A second joked: "Got to get that workout with the heavy ball. What a cutie you have there."

The owner said their dog also plays tug of war in the same walking pose with their mother-in-law's pit, adding: "It’s too funny because it’s like they know they aren’t supposed too but they make it so obvious."

The dog was trained to "know his boundaries" so that the owner wouldn't need to worry about building fences around the house.

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