‘Hopeless romantic’ looking for mystery woman he fell for at traffic lights

A man who believes he met Mrs Right while waiting at the traffic lights is now hoping they can be reunited again.

Martin Baker, 41, was driving around on Saturday afternoon to pick up an order he purchased before he had a spark between him and a mystery driver.

The self-confessed "hopeless romantic", who drives a bright orange truck, claims the romantic encounter left his heart aching and now he is hoping to be reunited with her, HullLive reports.

Martin, a carer from north Hull, has always had a fascination with cars and said other motors often catch his eye while he's driving.

Approaching the traffic lights on Peaks Parkway in Grimsby, he noticed a bright blue BMW. As he braked to a stop at the red light, he said he turned his head and saw an "attractive" woman look his way and smile.

He thought she was beautiful, he said, describing her as a "girl next door".

Martin, who says he is an "old-school romantic", said he'd love to see her again in the hope that she might reciprocate the initial spark he felt.

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He said: "I would like to say to her, let's let the lights go green for us and see what happens."

In the past, Martin says he hasn't been so confident in his approach to dating.

I would never just walk up to a girl and ask her out," he said.

"The only time I have ever done it was years ago, and she became my girlfriend.

"I am not very confident around women, it's hard to know if you're saying the right thing.

"In this instance, I just thought why not? Why not put myself out there? There's a beautiful woman smiling at me and I should take the chance.

"I'd hate to see this pass without trying to find her. I would regret it if I didn't take the chance.

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"I would say she was around the early 30s. Age is just a number to me though, it's all about the connection.

"I'm definitely all for romance. With my ex-girlfriend, I surprised her and filled a whole room with rose petals. I like doing stuff like that."

He said he loves doing activity dates like walking and climbing but is also partial to a romantic meal for two.

Martin hopes that putting himself out there will reunite him with the mystery woman and believes there could be something between them.

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