Horror as mum, 20, killed by washing machine after she put hands in while it was running

Duracell offers their advice for child safety with batteries

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Investigators said Viviane Rodrigues, 20, from Juazeiro, Brazil, suffered a huge shock when she reached into the appliance to retrieve some clothes. Her husband took her to the local hospital but Mrs Rodrigues, who has a nine-month-old son, was declared dead on arrival.

After a post-mortem examination, her body was taken to Gameleira do Di, a rural community in the Campo Formoso area where her family lives.

She was buried in Gameleira do Di on Thursday.

Mrs Rodrigues’s death follows reports of a toddler dying after being found inside a washing machine in Christchurch, New Zealand, in February last year.

That came after a three-year-old girl in Arksansas, USA, died after climbing into a washing machine as her mother slept, in 2016.

The appliance started automatically when the lid closed.

And twins drowned after climbing into an open machine while their mother was outside buying detergent in Delhi, India, in 2017.

There have been at least three washing machine-related deaths of children aged five or younger since 2014, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

In total, here have also been about 3,000 emergency room visits linked to the machines.

Non-profit organisation Consumer Reports says: “It’s critical parents explain to their young children that appliances are not toys and they can be dangerous.

“It’s equally important to point out any potential dangers to anyone watching your children while you’re away.

“Remember, young kids are at a developmental stage that makes them especially curious.”

Consumer Reports recommends locking the door to the room where your washing machine is kept if possible.

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It also suggests children can be kept safe by keeping the washing machine door shut and engaging the appliances child-lock feature if it has one.

Turning off the water valve feeding the machine and being wary that children can also be tempted by washing powder packaging are also recommended.

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