Horror moment dog is dragged along road by owner with his paws covered in blood

This is the sickening moment a dog owner dragged his helpless dog behind his car along a road – before smiling for the camera after he is caught.

Street surveillance footage shows the white dog struggling to keep up the pace as it is being tied to a metal chain behind the car trunk of a black SUV.

It is seen running along with other cars on the road in the city of Changsha, the capital city of central China 's Hunan province on Monday.

In another clip taken by a witness who stopped the car, the exhausted canine is resting on the road while a man exits the car to untie the chain.

The poor animal is left with bloodied paws while another woman yells in the background: "What do you think you’re doing?

"Look at your dog. I’m taking a video of your number plate and you.

"How could you do this? It’s a life too, how cruel!

"Look at all the blood. How could you do this."

The man smiles, opens the car trunk and places the dog inside without answering any of her questions.

He then quickly jumps back into his car and drive away.

The woman, known by the surname Peng, is believed to have reported the incident to Changsha police, but the dog owner is not expected to be fined as China has no laws protecting domestic pets such as cats or dogs against abuse.

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