Hospital president and CEO tops Sunshine List in Peterborough

Four of the top five public-sector employee salaries in 2019 in Peterborough were from the city’s hospital, led by its president and CEO.

The Ontario government released its annual public-sector salary disclosure list. The so-called “Sunshine List” features all public sector employees who earned more than $100,000 in 2019.

Dr. Peter McLaughlin, president and CEO of Peterborough Regional Health Centre, was once again the highest-earning public-sector employee in Peterborough. In 2019, he had a salary of $379,999.91 with taxable benefits of $12,000.

He was followed by Dr. Rosana Salvaterra, medical officer of health at Peterborough Public Health. In 2019 she earned $278,890 with $23,217 in taxable benefits.

The City of Peterborough has 675 individuals who are on the Sunshine List.

Other top earners at PRHC included (salary, taxable benefits):

  • Katherine Farnell, vice-president and chief financial officer: $244,735.60 ($2,597.85)
  • Nancy Martin-Ronson, vice-president and chief information officer and chief nursing officer: $230,000.18 ($2,597.85)
  • Brenda Weir, vice-president: $230,000.18 ($2,597.85)
  • Matthew Snyder, vice-president: $220,480.98 ($2,488.13)

Peterborough Police Service Chief Scott Gilbert was the highest paid municipal employee, earning $222,430.02 in 2019 ($16,177.80 taxable benefits). He was followed by the city’s chief administrative officer Sandra Clancy who earned  $203,593.88 in 2019 ($15,510.56 in taxable benefits).

Other top City of Peterborough municipal earners with the city included (salary, taxable benefits):

  • Tim Farquharson, Deputy police chief: $194,633.36 ($10,596.08)
  • Jason Morris, police first class constable: $188,111.91 ($588.90)
  • John F. Ogrodnik: Police staff sergeant: $176,670.98 ($764.66)
  • Lynne Buehler: police inspector, support services: $172,001.31 ($934.44)
  • Neil Collins: police inspector, investigative services: $172,001.31 ($934.44)
  • Shaun McClintock: Peterborough Fire Services platoon chief: $171,132.87 ($767.52)
  • Chris Snetsinger: Peterborough Fire Services chief: $152,969.26 ($4,020.58)

At Trent University, president and vice-chancellor Dr. Leo Groarke earned $292.057.18 ($23,767.40 in taxable benefits) while Fleming College  president Maureen Adamson earned $281,538,92 in 2019 ($10,482.96 in taxable benefits).

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