Human bones found on Green Mountain in Lakewood

A hiker on Green Mountain in Lakewood found human bones Thursday.

The remains were somewhat scattered, presumably by wildlife, John Romero, a Lakewood Police Department spokesman, said. Searchers also found a handgun.

“They’ve been up there for some time,” Romero said of the bones.

The hiker spotted the remains about 7:30 a.m., Romero said.  More than 20 people, including police investigators, combed a section of William Frederick Hayden Park just off of West Alameda and West Utah avenues, John Romero, a police spokesman, said.

The Jefferson County coroner’s office will try to identify the remains.

Hayden Park is more than 2,400 acres of open space with multiple trails that are popular with hikers, runners, bicyclists and other recreational users. The vast park includes gulleys and draws that are thick with brush and tall grass. Wildlife in the park includes coyotes and occasional visits by mountain lions.

In July of 2016, Eric Pracht, 25, a paramedic who lived in a nearby residential complex, disappeared on Green Mountain. He was last seen shortly before midnight on July 22.

Police, volunteers, family and friends of Pracht combed parts of Green Mountain multiple times since the disappearance. A Facebook page seeking help and clues in finding Pracht was started in hope of solving his disappearance.

On Thursday afternoon police were not ready to make a connection with the morning’s discovery and Pracht.

“It’s still to early to say at this point,” Romero said.

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