‘Human-like’ dog’s adorable reaction to hearing owner is coming home goes viral

A “human-like” dog has stolen the hearts of people across the world for his reaction to his owner coming home.

Labrador/border collie cross Vinny barely sees one of his owners, Harrison Brocklehurst, after the 23-year-old left his family home in Stockport, Greater Manchester, to go to university.

But when he does return home, Vinny, named after Manchester City legend Vincent Kompany, often “goes mad”.

Footage taken by Harrison’s mum and shared to his Twitter shows the adorable pooch staring at the camera as he’s told that his best bud is coming home.

“Guess who’s coming to see you next week, you’re going to have a night in with Harrison,” his mum says.

With that, the dog looks out the window in the apparent hope that Harrison is arriving at that exact moment.

“No, he’s not here now Vinny,” the woman says. Hilariously, the dog then grumbles his discontent.

The cameraperson continues: “In a bit, Harry will come and you’ll have snuggles.”

But the news appears to prove too much for the excitable pooch, who collapses on the bed.

The brilliant video has been seen a staggering 490,000 times since Harrison shared it on his account @harrisonjbrock.

Speaking exclusively to Daily Star Online, the freelance writer said Vinny “interacts with us like that all the time”.

“He barks on cue if you say the word ‘grandma’,” he added.

“He goes mad every time he sees me. He’s very human-like.”

Several snaps on Harrison’s Instagram page show the dog’s human qualities.

In one cute picture, the pooch is seen sitting in front of his very own dog “advent calendar”.

Harrison’s video is just the latest in a number of adorable snaps to have gone viral in recent weeks.

Earlier this month, the internet was left in stitches at footage of a dog appearing to mock his corgi pal.

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