Hunt for missing MH370 boosted by new tech that can trace last radio signals

Missing jet MH370 could finally be found seven years after its disappearance with the help of new technology to comb the ocean floor.

The Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 vanished in March 2014 with 239 passengers and crew onboard.

But new tech which can scan radio signals to estimate MH370's last known location could be a massive boost to investigators hoping to find it, The Times reported.

MH370 disappeared over the vast Indian Ocean seven and a half years ago, with three pieces of debris confirmed to come from the plane.

Conspiracy theories from Russian involvement, UFOs to a mass murder-suicide have been suspected, although investigators are none the wiser.

Revolutionary new tech trialled by Brit engineer Richard Godfrey uses a state-of-the-art flight database to trace the log of radio signals bouncing between aircraft.

Using Weak Signal Propagation Reporter data, MH370's last moments could be found in these invisible communications.

Investigators would be handed a crucial – and much-needed – clue in the seven-year search effort, which has found few clues so far.

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Richard compared the tech to an 'invisible maze' of tracking devices.

He told The Times: “Imagine crossing a prairie with invisible trip wires crossing the whole area and going back and forth across the length and breadth.

“Each step you make you tread on particular trip wires and we can locate you at the intersection of the disturbed trip wires. We can track your path as you move across the prairie.”

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It will take two months for searchers to trawl through the entire database for a trace of MH370's final whereabouts.

Late 2023 has been touted as a potential date for the invisible cyber-search to begin – and go where thousands of planes, satellites and people failed: the final location of MH370.

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