‘I was appalled’: Talking to people who ignore coronavirus advisories

Amid the novel coronavirus outbreak, health experts are urging all people to practise social distancing or self-isolation depending on travel and health history.

Social distancing includes remaining out of congregate settings, avoiding mass gathers and maintaining approximately two metres distance from others when possible.

But some people are not following public health recommendations, and are instead carrying on life as usual including going to bars and parties.

On Saturday, the University District near Queen’s University in Kingston, Ont., was crowded with students as they celebrated St. Patrick’s Day — despite warnings from public health and local police for students not to attend the parties.

Aoife Gray, an Irish communications professional living in Toronto, said her social media feed was full of local people celebrating St. Patrick’s Day at bars over the weekend.

“I was appalled looking through Instagram stories,” Gray said.

“Unfortunately, a lot of people were ignorant and just didn’t educate themselves as to how rapidly the virus can spread at a social gathering or at a bar — and bars are cesspools on the best of days.”

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