Influencer was drugged and raped by date and woke up 12 hours later

A fitness influencer has claimed a date 'drugged and raped her' when she passed out and woke up 12 hours later in a horrifying ordeal.

Brazilian Duda Martins claims that when she awoke from her horrible ordeal she was completely unaware of what happened.

She is a well-known influencer name on Instagram and has over 200,000 followers on her page.

The Sun reports that Duda said that she agreed to meet the man at a beach bar in Ponta Verde, Brazil, for a drink on the afternoon of December 29, and only recalled drinking three glasses of gin with him.

She said that she had planned to hold a training session with a friend after the date at 5pm.

During an Instagram Live video in the company of her lawyer Julia Nunes, Duda said that after her drink she remembered nothing of the next 12 hours of her life.

When Duda didn’t make her training session, her friend tried to get in touch with her but said that her phone had been switched off.

According to Duda, the next thing she remembered was waking up in the flat of the man she had been on the date with on the morning of December 30.

She explained: “When it was around 3.30am or 4am, I do not remember anything that happened to me, where I was, how I left, how I ended up at his house, or if anything happened to me.

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“I just have the feeling that I was hurt, there are pictures that doctors took. I had bruises on my chest, bumps on my head, and my private parts were injured.

“So I wasn’t just drugged, I was totally hurt. When I woke up, I came back around and I was on his couch. At that point, I didn’t even realise that I was without my underwear.

“On New Year’s Eve he was jumping around and having fun. How many other women could have been victims of this aggressor?”

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Following the incident, Ms Martins attended a clinic at a women’s hospital where she had several examinations and was given medication.

According to her solicitor Julia Nunes, “nothing has been done” to catch the alleged predator.

Brazilian police officer Maria Angelita has since confirmed on January 3 that the allegations are being investigated.

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