Instagram photos of Meghan Markle and Kate ‘sum up Duchess of Sussex’s mistake’

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    Meghan Markle has been branded a "cool LA mama" whereas Princess Kate was prompted as being on the "fast track to Queendom". after a royal expert analysed recent Instagram posts.

    A recent appearance at Eurovision Song Contest for the Princess of Wales gave a "visual temperature check" of the pair's public image, Daniela Elser alleged.

    Comparing Meghan to someone who has knowledge on "the best crystal stockists", Elser, writing in her column for, hit out at the Duchess of Sussex.

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    She heaped praise on the appearance of Kate Middleton at Eurovision, saying the performance she gave for the contest would give her some merit when it came to chasing down "Queendom".

    Expert Elser wrote: "These two shots of Kate and Meghan perfectly sum up exactly where they are right now, like a sort of visual temperature check.

    "On one hand we have Kate who would appear to have well and truly decided to, Sheryl Sandberg-esque, lean into princess-ing with gusto.

    "She looked not only the business but like it was always her destiny to end up on the fast track to Queendom.

    "And Meghan looks like a cool LA 'mama' who has distinct opinions on Egyptian cotton sheets and the best crystal stockists and whose MBA is languishing, forgotten, in a bottom drawer."

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    Her harsh comparison sheds light on the current "tepid" feel surrounding the Sussex duo, with Elser comparing the recent social media presence of the two Princesses.

    Elser, who noted the 585,000 likes Kate had received on her Eurovision spot compared to Meghan's recent campaign, which received around 100 likes, shows a great divide between the popularity of the two.

    She added: "Despite having agents, lawyers, mega-deals and Oprah, Netflix and Spotify on speed dial, somehow the Duke and Duchess have managed to transmogrify themselves into cultural and political irrelevancy.

    "The Sussex star is very much on the blink. In 2023, they don’t carry weight as public voices in the way they once did."

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