ISIS unit obliterated by RAF Hellfire missiles as they try to set up new lair

A plot from evil ISIS terrorists to set up a new lair in Iraq quickly fell to pieces when an RAF drone blitzed them in minutes.

Terrifying Hellfire missiles were unleashed onto the extremists from an unmanned Reaper aircraft that can be controlled by British troops from thousands of miles away.

Iraqi security forces had spotted the armed fanatics “attempting to re-establish a presence in an area to the north of Tikrit” before they alerted the RAF and blew them up.

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The Ministry of Defence said the successful attack took place on June 14, although they only announced the news recently.

In a statement they explained the MQ-9A British Reaper was unleashed “at an appropriate opportunity, when the terrorists were exposed in the open away from any civilians”.

Military bosses added they had “conducted a successful attack alongside the other coalition aircraft… the terrorists were eliminated before they could mount an active threat to the Iraqi people.”

The deadly Reaper weapon used in the operation can reach a whopping 288mph and is armed with four air-to-ground 114 Hellfire missiles.

It can stay airborne at 30,000ft for more than 12 hours as its three-man remote crew uses it to unleash hell upon enemies and collect valuable intelligence.

The successful bombing raid comes as ISIS fighters aim to return to their bases across Syria and Iraq.

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Evil jihadists have been continuing their reign of terror and recently planted two roadside bombs that killed two locals and left four others injured.

Throughout Afghanistan, other religious extremists have also been increasing their use of violence.

Since the chaotic American withdrawal from the country, the Taliban have once again seized control and subjected their nation to a brutal rule including public beatings and executions.


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